How To Choose A Casino Online

Top Pokies | JackpotCityKnowing that a casino is safe is only one part of the process of choosing the right place for you. There are several factors that you should consider when trying to pick an online casino for yourself to play at, such as one of the better Australian Casinos. Remember that it is your money you’re playing with and you have to make sure that your casino is a good match for you. A large part of your research on your casinos candidates should include all of the points outlined on this page.

First Consider All Legal Aspects

Just because you can log into an online casino does not necessarily mean you should. Especially if you will be breaking the laws of the country in which you reside. There are a lot of places where gambling is outright illegal. Playing online displaces the physical location of the casino, but it does not exempt you from the law. That said, there are many places that find gambling to be a legitimate and legal practice. It is up to you to find out what the laws are in your place of residence. If you don’t know or are not up to date you can always call a lawyer or ask the local law enforcement authorities.

Is the Casino Trustworthy?

The quick way to find out is to inquire with its licensing body and to find out whether or not it is certified by an organization such as eCOGRA. You should always do this before you send the casino anything, whether money or personal information. Most casinos will prominently list a lot of key information on their website. You will most likely be able to see where they are licensed, who the officials in the company are, the last time they were audited, and other critical information.

Always remember that there are many casinos out there that are run by thieves. They might look like real online casinos, but the games might be rigged, the casino might take your money and refuse to pay your winnings, or any number of other similar scenarios. There are many forums on the web where you can take a peek and read about the horror stories being shared by others who have fallen victim to such casinos. These type of casinos are known as “rogue” and there are up to date lists all over the internet, including on our website, of casinos to avoid.

Try the Free Play Option Before you Commit

This is a step that many people often overlook. It is really too bad, because it is so easy to do. All you need to know is that most online casinos offer the option of playing their games for free. To be clear, there isn’t any real money at stake in the free play option, but it is an excellent way of assessing the casino experience. Casinos are bound by international law to have the same odds of winning in the free play mode as they do in the play for cash mode. Rogue casinos will sometimes try to lure you in with very loose free play games, but a bit of research beforehand is usually enough to ensure that you will only be looking at honest casinos.

Things to look for while in free play mode are how appealing the interface is. Are the graphics pleasing? The sounds? This is your chance to determine whether or not you want to play at the casino in question. Oftentimes, casinos will allow you to play in your browser, without downloading the full software. This is a great option, but just be aware that it is not always representative of the full download experience. In browser games have more simplistic graphics and sounds, but the games should operate the same as the full download version. Try this feature at Grand Reef Casino.

How is the Customer Service?

Hopefully you will never have any problems, but issues do arise. Money transfers, there might be problems or delays. You never know. You need to find out how good the customer service is at the casino you choose. Things to look for are accessibility. How easy are they to reach? How many options do they give you? If all you see is one general email address, it’s a good sign you should not be dealing with that particular casino. Most legitimate casinos have extensive customer service departments, staffed 24 hours a day, every day. At the very minimum, customer service should be available via live chat, telephone and email. Many casinos also allow the option of working with fax, snail mail, and even a personal concierge. If you want to know about the quality of a casino’s customer service you have a couple of options. Either you do research in the various forums online, or you go ahead and call them directly. There is nothing like first hand experience when trying to find out who you are dealing with.


Eventually you will win money and you will want to withdraw your winnings. One of the most important things you need to know about any casino online is how the cashier service works. This is the crux of the problem at most of the less savory casinos. A good casino promptly pays out your winnings upon request. There is always fine print in regards to withdrawing casino bonus money, so it is worth finding out the policies regarding bonuses beforehand. Always find out how withdrawals work before you tie up your money in a casino.


Bonuses are the great equalizer in the online casino world. Every casino out there is trying to outdo the competition with extravagant bonuses designed to attract customers and retain them. This is not anything new. All casinos do it. If you fly to Las Vegas you are likely to receive an offer of a complementary room, free meals, and the ubiquitous free alcoholic drinks. Take a good, long look at what you’re being offered and make sure to read the fine print. Some bonuses are huge but can only be used to boost bet amounts. Other bonuses can only be used for a limited amount of time. Others still are easy to withdraw, but meager in size. All the casinos are different in this regard, and it behooves you to do some research and narrow down the options best suited to you.


The last thing, but arguably the most important, that you should be looking at is the payback rate schedule that each casino posts on its website. It might be called “odds of winning,” “payback percentage,” or “payout percentage.” What you’re looking at is the same in each case. It specifies the rate at which the games dish out wins. They are programmed to do so at a particular rate. How this is possible with random results is a deep and complex subject that you can read more about in the RNG section, but what’s important is to see how favorable the odds are at the casino you’re looking at.

The numbers will differ from game to game and from casino to casino. One casino might have a better global payout percentage compared to another, but a worse payout percentage in one specific game. If you find that you enjoy playing one particular game more than others, find the casino with the best odds for that game. Some specialize in Pokies, so their Pokies will be set to be looser than at other casinos, while others use their Pokies as cash cows while the table games are much more favorable. This is the key ingredient in how successful you will be in the long run with your wagers.