A Word About Pokies

Tops Pokies | Spin PalaceI will get the basic premise out of the way first. There is no way to beat a slot machine with a system. You cannot predict how it will land. You cannot stop the wheels precisely to line up. You just cannot do anything to determine the outcome of a pull of the arm on a slot machine. Furthermore, there are no superstitions that work. The only thing a player can do at a slot machine is be pragmatic and employ smart money management in order to survive long enough for a payout.

The erroneous belief is that there might be a gambling method or technique that allows one to determine when a machine is due to pay out. This is completely false. A slot machine will pay out at any moment, or not for a long time, or anywhere in between. There is no way to predict it. If there were, then a law would be being broken someplace. The whole point of a random system at a casino is that it be random. Anyone able to predict an outcome would be exposing a potentially illegal flaw in a tightly regulated system.

Slot machines are not hot and they are not cold. But they are fun to play at mobile casinos. Each individual pull does not count as one click toward an inevitable win. Each pull is an individual event that must be counted on its own. The odds of hitting a jackpot are exactly the same on any given pull. In fact, it is not inconceivable to imagine a machine that pays out a jackpot and then pays out a jackpot again on the following pull. It is unlikely, but not impossible. The mathematical forces that act on it are the same as those that govern coin tosses. Every time you toss a coin any of the two options might come to be. Just because a coin landed on heads, it does not mean it is due to land on tails next, because it is due (1:2 times). It might very well land on heads again and again and again.

A common misconception about slot machines that somehow survives to this day is that because there is a key built in to the RNG, there must be a way to crack the code and find out when the pay cycle is due to pay out. In other words, there is a misconception that by observing the machine’s payouts a pattern might be discerned. Unfortunately, this is magical thinking, and there is no discernible pattern to the random number generator.

The worst belief of all, in regards to slot machines, however, lies in a misunderstanding of how slot machines pay out. People tend to assume, correctly I might add, that the longer they manage their money, the longer they’ll play, and the better their chance of winning. Thus, the thinking goes, if they make the minimum bets on the slot machines, they’ll lose the least and last longer as a result. This, is the most difficult misconception to break.

The truth is that the only way to win at slot machines with any sort of regularity is to make the maximum wager every time. This increases the odds of winning by multiple factors due to the increase in paylines and the larger payouts that come as a result of a higher wager. Unfortunately, the best way to win more at slot machines is to wager more money and risk losing it all. In fact, this is the only way to win the biggest jackpots of them all, the progressive jackpots, which will only be activated with a maximum wager on each pull. This is the nature of a game designed to operate on pure chance. Try your luck now at Winner Casino.

The way one must think about slot machines is that they have the potential to pay out enormous sums of money to a lucky few. One may or may not be lucky at any given moment, but someone will surely win the jackpot at some point. It is akin to lotteries, where the only way to win is to play. Always remember when playing pokies, that each pull is an individual instance, and the odds reset every time. It is the same whether one stays at a machine or moves to a different machine. Pokies are designed to be as purely random as any game in the casino. Keep that in mind next time you sit down for a marathon round of Pokies - maybe even at one of these AU online casinos.