Rogue Casino List

Rogue casinos are an unavoidable phenomenon that have been around as long as there have been online casinos and in the early 2000s, threatened to sink the entire online gambling industry. It is extremely important that you educate yourself as to what they are and how you can avoid them.

Rogue Online CasinosThe most important thing to mention is that most casinos are honest. They are businesses that operate as advertised. All you need to do to verify that a casino is good is track their licensing and audits. Identifying the bad ones, however, is not just a matter of omitted information, it is something you need to be constantly on top of. Here is an example of a quality one as an example: EuroPalace Casino.

The most common practice at dishonest casinos are to operate as though they are legitimate, with software that runs as advertised. Players win and lose as they would anywhere else, but when they decide that it’s time to cash out, that’s where the problems start. Rogue casinos refuse to pay out winnings. They will use backtalk when you contact them, tell you they will disburse the funds, but then fail to do so. Eventually it become obvious that you will never see the money. By that point, such casinos will have shut down and moved on.

The other way rogue casinos cheat players is by rigging their software. They lure new players in with a generous casino bonus, and loose free play games. Once a real wager is made, however, the software kicks in and ensures the casino wins every time. There is no way to win at such casinos so the issue never even gets to customer service. Players shake their head and curse their bad luck. The only way to know that a casino is doing this is because they are either unlicensed or unaudited, or to look in lists such at the one below.

Always make sure a casino is properly licensed and that it carries documentation that it has had its software checked. It is not enough for it to be listed on their website. You have to actually follow the link to the licensing authority and to the auditing company to make sure the certificates are real. You know who has a real certificate? CasinoEuro.

The Short List:

Atlantic Lounge Casino - The operators of this casino are now fugitives from the FBI

Atlantic Vegas Casino - This is an example of a completely unlicensed casino. Taking a look at their website will probably not harm your computer. Signing up with them, however, might. Do not accept any software from them.

Casino Pays - What this casino does that’s unethical is actually rather interesting. They take over user email accounts and use them to spam their contacts with ads for their casino. This is an illegal practice that can cause trouble for the hapless user.

GoldVIPCasino - This casino is listed because its operators are known computer hackers.

Hype, Inchilli - This casino ran the classic online casino scam of taking money from players and closing its doors without paying out any money to the winners. They have since disappeared, but have no doubt opened a new casino with a different name.

Maxima - Although this casino is still in operation, the have not paid out players and it appears that it is only a matter of time before they disappear from the scene.

Rocco Casino - This online casino uses the more nefarious way of cheating players by rigging the software. Their games are designed to always win no matter what. There is never a single payout of jackpot or prize to be won here.

Vegas24 - This is an example of a completely unlicensed casino. There is currently no way to take legal action against them as they do not answer to any authority and are located somewhere that might be difficult to track down.

The Rest

Keep Researching!

This list is by no means exhaustive. The lists of rogue casinos are always changing, and there are sites dedicated to tracking them. If you’re in the market for a new casino, be wary of anything that looks too aggressive. It is always best to stick to known casinos that have reviews associated with them so that you can avoid a nasty surprise in the future. All it takes is a bit of research to avoid a lot of hassle.